Karin Taber is a contemporary California artist who presently divides her time between the San Francisco Bay Area and San Diego North County.  A native New Englander, she studied painting, printmaking and jewelry design at the University of Rhode Island and Rhode Island School of Design. Primarily working in the style of abstract sea and landscapes, Ms. Taber’s works draw inspiration from these coastal environments. Her works are held in private and public collections domestically and internationally.

The goal of Ms. Taber’s work is to elicit from the viewer an emotional connection to place or time while transcending the representational.  To that end, the pieces are not simply images of what the eye sees. They illuminate emotions evoked by a particular scene or time of day, a perfume of spring rain, warming sunshine or simply the softness in a spray of spindrift.  The techniques used – layered applications of glazing, scraping, splashes and dripping with brushes, knives and non-traditional tools – add a measure of complexity and strengthen the effect of the under-paintings. As well, the subtle use of metallic paint, leaf and powdered minerals offers the organic effect of diffused light moving through day from dawn to darkness.

Ultimately, Karin Taber’s works engage the viewer by gently opening the mind’s eye to a recalled feeling, a special scent, a dream, a force that resonates with each viewer personally and deeply.